Estate planning might sound intimidating to many, but for me, Amy Kuronen, a Duluth attorney, it’s an intimate part of my life’s journey. Today, I’m thrilled to share that I’ve accepted a role on the Steering Committee of the distinguished Minnesota Death Collaborative. This group represents a powerful union of professionals, all committed to offering integrative death care services.

Why is this step so dear to me?

The Minnesota Death Collaborative is not an ordinary entity. Comprising end-of-life doulas, green burial advocates, traditional service providers and home funeral guides, and myriad other specialists, it champions the cause of providing holistic death care solutions. The heart of our mission is to enlighten and assist both the public and fellow professionals in Minnesota, ensuring everyone can access appropriate services and resources when they matter most.

Joining this collaborative is a conscious choice, fueled by both my professional insights and personal experiences. My legal practice in Duluth isn’t just about navigating legalities of estate planning and elder law. Rather, we will also delve into meaningful conversations about your wishes regarding end-of-life, legacy, and loved ones. Professionally, I so appreciate the gratitude of clients who find solace in having their affairs in order, bestowing them with a sense of peace.

They say, “Experience is the best teacher.” I’ve lived this truth. Enduring the sudden loss of my husband, while raising our two beautiful teen-age daughters, made me realize the undeniable importance of preparedness. I’ve faced those daunting, practical hurdles that surface after losing a loved one.

It’s this blend of personal resilience and professional expertise that I bring to the Collaborative and my legal practice. For those curious about my approach to estate planning for those who want to chat about life’s important decisions, I’m here. Reach out to me directly at 218-464-1459. We won’t just be discussing legal formalities, but exploring the profound significance of readiness, compassion, and insight. I understand that death can be a hard subject. Don’t hesitate. Let’s navigate this path together.